Taking a stand against abortion.


I tend to stray away from talking on the subject of Abortion, due to the anger that rises up in me at the very mention of such inhumanity.  I do not approve of abortion, but more than that, I STRONGLY disapprove.  I do not think there is ever a time that killing/murder can be justified, and I most certainly do not think that it should be approved of and made legal by our nations leaders.  What is this world coming to when life is so invaluable to humanity that one would be okay with taking the life of even the smallest creature in this society.  Well, one might argue, ” It is the mothers body, therefore her choice”.  I 100% agree… It is her body, and her choice.  She has the choice to not become pregnant when she cannot handle a child.  Once she has conceived, (and I believe life begins at conception) it is no longer her choice anymore, as she has already made one, and now there is another life in the picture.  Choices are things that humans face everyday, all the time, and once made, they are not able to be undone or redone.  Life will never be the same as before, but that’s just life for everyone.  No one can just kill their spouse and get away with it, because they do not feel like they can take care of them.  That would be murder and is punishable by law.  Once more, that point can be argued with “well you can get a divorce”.  Tis very true, and I would then have to point out, that in the case of a child, you can put them up for adoption.  There are options out their, but abortion is not, and should not ever be one of them.  One of my friends once wrote a paper one their views of abortion… and im going to share it with you all, because i whole heartily agree!


– Abortion: America’s Holocaust
According to The Free Dictionary, “Abortion” refers to the termination of pregnancy at any stage that does not result in birth; medically, abortion is typically defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of the fetus or embryo before fetal viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously; when this happens, it is usually called a miscarriage. On the other hand, abortions can purposely be induced. The term “Abortion” usually refers to the induced abortion of a human rather than non-human pregnancy. From 1973-2010 there have been approximately 53,828,424 reported induced abortions in the United States. That is more than all the American war fatalities combined. But the question remains; are abortions right or wrong?

I believe abortions are wrong, and should be illegal because science has shown that life begins at conception, — at day twenty-two a child’s heart begins to beat on its own, with its own blood– therefore induced abortions are murder. The Free Dictionary describes murder as “To kill brutally or inhumanly. How is anything more inhumane then the killing of an innocent unborn baby? One way babies are aborted is the drug, RU-486; it can be used up to the second month of pregnancy. It works by blocking crucial hormones which then blocks: food, fluids, and oxygen to the developing baby. A second drug is then administered to cause the woman to expel the tiny dead human being—her baby. Why is induced abortion legal but when a murderer kills a woman who is pregnant it is considered a double homicide?

Some people insist abortion is a right and should remain legal. One reason for this mind-set is; if the mother was raped why should she bear the burden of the child, a constant reminder of the pain and emotional trauma caused by the father. Another is what if the parents do not desire the child? Then it is better for a child not to be born at all then to be born hated. A third is abortion solves the problem of overpopulation. And fourthly a child who is diagnosed to be born deformed or handicapped should not have to suffer through a long and painful life being a burden to their family. In, We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Story, the author is seeing cases like the ones mentioned above and her response is “Pregnancy has become something to be rid of, a condition to be ended. It is a burden, a weight, a thing separate.”

With these thoughts in mind I still believe abortion is murder and should be illegal. Pregnancy from rape is a rare occurrence; even if the woman became pregnant should the innocent baby suffer for the sins of the father? Would the killing of the baby –a second wrong, first being the rape—make it right? Now in the case that the parents do not want the baby, someone will always want the child; there is a difference between an unwanted child, and an unwanted pregnancy. The term “unwanted” is not a condition of the child but rather an attitude of the parents. Does not wanting a child a good enough excuse to eliminate it? For the argument that abortion solves overpopulation; the current birth rate is below what America needs to maintain its population. What then happens to the “quality of life” when human expendability is so prominent? For a prediction of deformity or a handicap; a doctor’s diagnoses may be wrong or often just be a minor deformity, therefore not greatly impairing the child. Handicapped children are often happy and a blessing to people around them. Who is to say they cannot enjoy their life or if you are worried about your life and you happiness or the burden is to great then there is always other alternatives.

Adoption is always the better option because it eliminates the emotional trauma for the mother caused by abortion. It could make other families, perhaps ones who cannot have children on their own happy. With adoption the mother always has the ability to see her child, to watch them grow, to spend time with the child at a less stressful time in her life, is that not a better alternative to killing the unborn child?-


Lastly, I cannot see why a woman in her right mind would not only carelessly toss aside her flesh and blood, but also by doing so is risking not being able to have children in the future if she were to chose she wanted them.  I do not judge those who have already had an abortion, I just feel sorry for them.  That is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.  Often it leads to depression and guilt, and they struggle with the feeling that they are despicable human beings.  The good news is, God can heal the hurting.  He is their ready to forgive and help heal the hurt, all one has to do is go to him.  You are more than the choices you’ve made! ❤