Crazy inspired and setting myself free!

It is rare that I become really inspired, so when this phenomenon occurs, I have to strike while the iron is hot!  I am a big believer in bucket lists, or goal charts, and have made several over the years, filled to full capacity with ideas I want to try, places I want to see, things I would like to do. If I were really to be dedicated to the making of these lists, I’m sure I could add something daily, as I’m always finding out about new things to do, see, buy, ect! The only problem is, what good are these little pieces of paper, should I never be able to cross anything off? I’ve heard it said, that dreaming is good, but you can’t forget to wake up and make it a reality. I have a tendency of creating a million reasons why now is not a good time to make something happen, and then I let those reasons (however stupid they may be) hinder me from actually accomplishing anything. If I was honest and called it what it is, I would have to say I have a procrastination problem.  Except for when it comes to napping. I’m already ready for tomorrows nap! :p I sit around dreaming of what I want to do with my life, instead of living it. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. Then recently I met someone who is completely different in this area. Someone who has goals, and is checking them off day by day, and in turn has room to create new goals and dreams. To say the very least, I was in awe! Then reality hit me like a slap in the face. “Hellllloooo dummy, that could be you! You could chose to daily make something happen. Its not rocket science ya know!!” I must say, I felt rather sheepish. It really made me start thinking hard about what I really want to do, and try to accomplish before 2012 is gone, never to return again. After much thought and restructuring my list to where its put more in order according to priority, I realized that I do not have time to do everything I want to do, and still have time to be doing the things I have been doing that are been holding me back. Essentially, I have to cut the time wasters out! That’s what I’m currently working on. Facebook is a wonderful site, as far as being able to keep up with friends, or long distance family members, but for me it has become a time wasting, drama waiting to happen. I get on any form of internet, and automatically log onto facebook to check in, and before I know an hour has easily slipped through my fingers, and all for what? So, come Wednesday, I am cutting the off the chains of facebook and setting myself free to spend more time blogging/writing and creating! I also am still currently trying to get a job, and know that with all this going on, I wont have time for facebook anyways! Believe it or not, I am really excited, to the point of being thrilled with the chance for a “New me” so to speak. I want to be daily striving to be a better me than I was the day before! 🙂



You are precious, because God made you!

The more young girls I have the opportunity to get to know, the more I feel like God is calling me to work with/minister to young girls who are struggling with their past and/or self esteem issues.  It has become a burden to me, to see these girls treat themselves like they are nothing because according to the media they are short of being a beautiful woman.  They are too fat, so they quit eating, they have flaws, so they cover themselves with lbs of makeup.  Or maybe the scenario is different, and somewhere in their young life, they made a mistake, or were taken advantage of, and now they feel like no one will ever love them, unless they advertise themselves.  As one who used to struggle with self esteem and went on to realize how much I am worth, and the value of myself in Gods eyes, I would love to help these young ladies come to the same realization.  It makes me sick to think that music, magazines and television has corrupted the standard for beauty.  Who are they to set the standard for what a beautiful girl/women is?  They judge a person on what the eye can see and paint a one sided picture of what beauty is.  What happened to beauty is as beauty does?  One can be the most charming on the outside, but just as ugly as can be on the inside.  This world has lost sight of what matters most, and that is the inward appearance.  We need more women of grace, love, and virtue, women with true beauty!   “The Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7   If only girls knew that they were going after a beauty that would never fulfill them, a beauty that will fade in time and leave them feeling once more worthless.  I would love to help them learn to go after a beauty that can last a life time! I’ve learned that once I began to see myself as God sees me, I’ve began to see the beauty God created me with.  I’ve come to appreciate myself for who I am, and count my flaws as blessings and in the meantime I’ve gained true happiness within myself.  God loves me no matter what I may look like on the outside, with a love that never ends.  No matter what I may have done, or where I have been… He truly loves me! He sees me as irreplaceable, a princess, and one of His own.  No person could ever love me like that, therefore I strive not to please man, but I pray to serve God.  This is what I would love to help other girls to see.

God has given me the opportunity to start a bible study with some young girls in my church, so I chose to go through the book “Before I meet prince charming” by Sarah Mally with side lessons from “Christian Charm course” by Emily Hunter.  The whole object of this class is to teach the girls that 1. They are precious princesses in the sight of God, with great value to him.  2. They need to be seeking the will of God instead of running after the love of young men, and God will provide the right person, at the right time.  3.  How to behave like a young lady, with class and grace, instead of this new fad of behaving as a man.

W0w, so far, we are two weeks in, and already I have come found something I needed to be reminded of, or something I was struggling with myself, while preparing class.  I am realizing that while my goal is to help these young girls, God is still helping me, while giving me to opportunity to practice helping them.  My greatest prayer is that I will let God use me through this class and help these young girls to see their worth, while being an example they can follow.  With the opportunity of leadership comes great responsibility, something I cannot take lightly.  I ask for prayer that I will be able to be used of God to lead these young girls to Him and that I may not get in the way of Him working.  Also that I will be open to learning myself, and continuing to grow in God.  Will you pray with me?! 🙂

New Shoot!

Here is the latest from my little photography corner! My sister and I are both working ourselves into doing professional photography, but first to learn how to properly use the camera.  Here is what we came up with today 🙂

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Don’t you guys know?

I have been meaning to write this blog post for several days now, but have yet to actually sit down and type it out.  So without any further ado, here it goes!

I happen to have a few close guy friends, and I can’t help but find it amusing and rather intriguing the amount on “Girls only information” they happen to try to drag out of me.  While I am all for the girls, I have come to appreciate the fact that some guys really are searching for a way to please their girl, and just don’t quite know how, so usually I break down and share a little of what I know to be truth about us girls.  Well the other night I was asked “What kind of things do girls think are really special?”   While I do not claim to be correct all the time, or think I have everything figured out, nor that all girls are like me… here is what I know.

1.  Girls love the idea of kissing in the rain!   I have yet to talk to any girl, who hasn’t agreed, that this is super romantic.

2. Write us love letters… do not type, email, or text it to us, actually take the time to pen down your thoughts on paper.  Not only can we keep these forever, but it means 10 times more, as you put your time into it.

3. We love when you all take the time to go in depth on your feelings.  Any guy can say “I love you” or “You’re beautiful”, but why do you love us?  What is so beautiful about us?

4.  (This one may not be for every girl,  but I know several who agree)  We really aren’t mad if you do not have time to talk to us.  However, if you cannot, let us know.  You don’t have to give a full blow explanation… a simple, I have homework to do, or I am running  errands will suffice.  Don’t ignore us, or just stop in the middle of a conversation… this leaves us hanging and is just against proper etiquette.

5. Good morning and Goodnight text, calls or emails mean 100 times more than you think!!  Trust me on this one. 🙂

6.  Lastly, while someone could spell it all out for you, us girls love it when you take the time to learn about us as individuals.  Try to figure us out, and be creative.  A girl would much rather go along with something you planned yourself, even if it is not perfect, than go on a perfect date that someone else put together.  You are you, and we love you for you!  So just be yourself 🙂


Like I said, some girls would not agree with me on this, but I know a lot of girls that do.  What are some other things that girls want guys to know?!?!  Share your thoughts below 🙂

Ohhh my Bro!

I have the most amazing little brother in the whole entire world!!  You may have seen his picture pop up in my previous posts before, but I have yet to really share just how wonderful he is.  Not only is he funny and cute, but he is also very sweet.  The older he gets, the more helpful/sweet he becomes.  Talk about the lil charmer in training.

I have always thought that having an older brother would have been the coolest thing in the whole world. Someone to rough house around, play football, go fishing, shove me off the pier, teach me to drive, fight off all the guys, my best friend, and knight in shining armor.  Just the idea of being a little sister to a brother, and being his “Little girl”, well it has always been a dream (I guess that’s what you would call it) of mine.  Of course being the oldest child, the only way that would have been able to work is through adoption, but this never held me back from dreaming.  However, over the past year or so, my mind has started to change.  I love having a younger brother!  When he was younger, I had a hard time getting past the fact that he was a bit of an annoyance at times, constantly busting into my room without knocking, or digging in my stuff as his curiosity got the better of him.  As with all things in life though, crazy little boys, grow up to be big boys, then young men and eventually, if raised right, God fearing, Hard working men.  Praise the lord Sam is still yet just in the big boy phase and I don’t have to worry about running off any young girl yet.  I am preparing myself though and a little girl in our church is making sure to keep me watching with eyes wide open!  The little 4 year old that goes to our church has some plans in the young mind of hers, and is counting down days till Sam can have a wife 😉

I of course totally do not approve of Sam ever growing up and leaving (ever) at this point… then who will give me free back massages?!  Yesterday, I went out and did a bunch of mulching with my Dad, and I only work shoveling one way, then dump the wheel barrow in the exact same direction, causing some stress to muscles that have not been used that much in quite a while.  So tonight Sam offered to give me a back massage, and actually kept it going for a good solid 20 minutes or so.  Now I wonder, would an older brother have done the same?   Would I even have wanted an older brother to walk on my back, then sit there karate chopping it? I am not quite so sure that I would have been up for that, even if he was still around to do so. So I come to the conclusion that God works in mysterious ways, and I am never letting Sam leave. God provided me with a massage therapist and I plan on keeping him! :p I’ll remind him that since I helped take care of him as a baby… he can now help take care of me in my ripe old age of almost 19 😉

The Vow

Life’s all about moments of impact, and how they change our lives forever.                                                                                                         But what if one day you could no longer remember any of them? – Leo

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.   -Paige

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love.  I vow to love you, and no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find a way back to each other. -Leo

I have a small confession.  I am… *Ahem* “slightly” addicted to watch Channing Tatum act.  Maybe it is the fact that he plays the romantic sweetheart so well, or because he can dance, or maybe it is because he has some amazing abs!   I really cannot peg the reason, I just know I do enjoy watching him in chick flicks! 🙂  That being said, I hardly ever go watch movies in the theater, as I cannot bring myself to justify paying so much for one movie, when I can wait till it comes to the movie store and I can get 3 movies for the same price.  Then I saw “The Vow” commercial.  I decided this one was worth the extra money and went to see it with a friend of mine.  Well I must say, I was not disappointed!  It is based on a true story, and well, very thought provoking.  What would life be like, if the person you loved the most, one day couldn’t remember you at all.  Or, if you could not remember a huge chunk of your life and was left to live wondering who you really are.  How would you go on with life? I will admit that there are moments that I would like to forget that something ever happened, or that I ever met a certain person, but then I would have to forget all the good times, in order to completely forget all the bad.  Life is a package deal, the good comes with the bad and the ups come with the down.  I think I would rather keep them both then lose myself all together.  Anyways, all in all “The Vow” was a really good girl movie!!  I cannot help but adore when young couples getting married, write their own vows.  I have always thought that would be the way I would want to do my vows, as it gives each person a chance to say what is really in their hearts and not just the typical repeat after me. And say it all got messed up, well then that makes for super good memories and life long laughs.  ❤

Taking a stand against abortion.


I tend to stray away from talking on the subject of Abortion, due to the anger that rises up in me at the very mention of such inhumanity.  I do not approve of abortion, but more than that, I STRONGLY disapprove.  I do not think there is ever a time that killing/murder can be justified, and I most certainly do not think that it should be approved of and made legal by our nations leaders.  What is this world coming to when life is so invaluable to humanity that one would be okay with taking the life of even the smallest creature in this society.  Well, one might argue, ” It is the mothers body, therefore her choice”.  I 100% agree… It is her body, and her choice.  She has the choice to not become pregnant when she cannot handle a child.  Once she has conceived, (and I believe life begins at conception) it is no longer her choice anymore, as she has already made one, and now there is another life in the picture.  Choices are things that humans face everyday, all the time, and once made, they are not able to be undone or redone.  Life will never be the same as before, but that’s just life for everyone.  No one can just kill their spouse and get away with it, because they do not feel like they can take care of them.  That would be murder and is punishable by law.  Once more, that point can be argued with “well you can get a divorce”.  Tis very true, and I would then have to point out, that in the case of a child, you can put them up for adoption.  There are options out their, but abortion is not, and should not ever be one of them.  One of my friends once wrote a paper one their views of abortion… and im going to share it with you all, because i whole heartily agree!


– Abortion: America’s Holocaust
According to The Free Dictionary, “Abortion” refers to the termination of pregnancy at any stage that does not result in birth; medically, abortion is typically defined as the termination of pregnancy by the removal or expulsion of the fetus or embryo before fetal viability. An abortion can occur spontaneously; when this happens, it is usually called a miscarriage. On the other hand, abortions can purposely be induced. The term “Abortion” usually refers to the induced abortion of a human rather than non-human pregnancy. From 1973-2010 there have been approximately 53,828,424 reported induced abortions in the United States. That is more than all the American war fatalities combined. But the question remains; are abortions right or wrong?

I believe abortions are wrong, and should be illegal because science has shown that life begins at conception, — at day twenty-two a child’s heart begins to beat on its own, with its own blood– therefore induced abortions are murder. The Free Dictionary describes murder as “To kill brutally or inhumanly. How is anything more inhumane then the killing of an innocent unborn baby? One way babies are aborted is the drug, RU-486; it can be used up to the second month of pregnancy. It works by blocking crucial hormones which then blocks: food, fluids, and oxygen to the developing baby. A second drug is then administered to cause the woman to expel the tiny dead human being—her baby. Why is induced abortion legal but when a murderer kills a woman who is pregnant it is considered a double homicide?

Some people insist abortion is a right and should remain legal. One reason for this mind-set is; if the mother was raped why should she bear the burden of the child, a constant reminder of the pain and emotional trauma caused by the father. Another is what if the parents do not desire the child? Then it is better for a child not to be born at all then to be born hated. A third is abortion solves the problem of overpopulation. And fourthly a child who is diagnosed to be born deformed or handicapped should not have to suffer through a long and painful life being a burden to their family. In, We Do Abortions Here: A Nurse’s Story, the author is seeing cases like the ones mentioned above and her response is “Pregnancy has become something to be rid of, a condition to be ended. It is a burden, a weight, a thing separate.”

With these thoughts in mind I still believe abortion is murder and should be illegal. Pregnancy from rape is a rare occurrence; even if the woman became pregnant should the innocent baby suffer for the sins of the father? Would the killing of the baby –a second wrong, first being the rape—make it right? Now in the case that the parents do not want the baby, someone will always want the child; there is a difference between an unwanted child, and an unwanted pregnancy. The term “unwanted” is not a condition of the child but rather an attitude of the parents. Does not wanting a child a good enough excuse to eliminate it? For the argument that abortion solves overpopulation; the current birth rate is below what America needs to maintain its population. What then happens to the “quality of life” when human expendability is so prominent? For a prediction of deformity or a handicap; a doctor’s diagnoses may be wrong or often just be a minor deformity, therefore not greatly impairing the child. Handicapped children are often happy and a blessing to people around them. Who is to say they cannot enjoy their life or if you are worried about your life and you happiness or the burden is to great then there is always other alternatives.

Adoption is always the better option because it eliminates the emotional trauma for the mother caused by abortion. It could make other families, perhaps ones who cannot have children on their own happy. With adoption the mother always has the ability to see her child, to watch them grow, to spend time with the child at a less stressful time in her life, is that not a better alternative to killing the unborn child?-


Lastly, I cannot see why a woman in her right mind would not only carelessly toss aside her flesh and blood, but also by doing so is risking not being able to have children in the future if she were to chose she wanted them.  I do not judge those who have already had an abortion, I just feel sorry for them.  That is something they will have to live with for the rest of their lives.  Often it leads to depression and guilt, and they struggle with the feeling that they are despicable human beings.  The good news is, God can heal the hurting.  He is their ready to forgive and help heal the hurt, all one has to do is go to him.  You are more than the choices you’ve made! ❤



From Me to ME!!!

I am a huge country music fan!!  I do not listen to just anything country though, I lean more towards the sweet, romantic love song side of country music.  Jason Aldean has to be one of my favorite country artist ever, but Brantley Gilbert and Hunter Hayes are tied for a really close second.  So as the story goes, I went into the store for half priced chocolate this evening and walked out with this… a very merry belated Valentines gift from me to me 😉

Who is your favorite country artist?

Valentines day!

My Valentines day was a hit!  No, I did not have a date to go to the movies, receive chocolates and flowers or any of that jazz.  Matter of fact, It was just like any other day.  Valentines day was originally a day to show those you love, just how much you care.  Somewhere along the lines of time, It has become a materialist holiday, cheapening the whole idea of love down to a box of chocolate and roses.  My parents have never really celebrated Valentines day with all the materialist views, and I have come to love this about my family.  When you cheapen love down to money spent and stop looking at love as spending time together, that’s when relationships are in the danger zone.  There are times in life when one may not have the funds to spend money on non necessities, but they can find time to spend with their special someone.  I am just curious as to when romance became wrapped in tin foil!  What happened to the handwritten notes, instead of hallmark cards?!  The wild flowers instead of hot house roses?!  Yes, I know everyone has their own personal preferences and nothing is wrong with hallmark cards or hot house roses, but when whether or not someone loves you is based on whether or not they bought you something, then you have lost touch with what love is.



1.a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
 2.a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.
From what I have been taught, none of the above definitions are materialist.  They are all a more “Spiritual” sense.  A feeling, emotion, spiritual connection, ect.  Not something you can buy, but something you can give.
“You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” ~Kahlil Gibran
So spend some time with the ones you love, show them you care by giving of yourself.  Let everyday be a holiday filled with Love for those around you, and just maybe, you can help make the world a better place.
My day was pretty ordinary, but I got to spend time with:  my brother, making all sorts of crazy memories, with just a camera and a half an hour of time  (I am not going to regret this either, because these pictures will be great come time for him to graduate 😉  my Dad and some of my church family, working at the tract league (we were able to be part of reaching out to a lost and dyeing world.)  And then to top it all off, I got to give myself a nap, from me to me this afternoon.  My sleeping schedule has been off so bad, that I really needed that extra sleep just to be able to function.  So all in all, my ordinary day was quite a hit for me!! 🙂   Love is all you need!! ❤

Romantic plans? Ha

A boy and a girl fell in…

Yes, I am a romantic at heart!  Valentines day is right around the corner and though I am happily single, I can’t help but get a little giddy over the whole idea.  What can I say?  I am a dreamer, full of fairy tale dreams and hopes for my life.

*Dreamy sigh*

However, right now my goals and hopes are of a less romantic nature.  Weird, right?  I am desperately trying to figure out and make a plan for setting up my photography business and blog.  This takes time and lots of thought, as I do not want to just jump in headfirst, start making changes just to turn around and undo them, all because I failed to have a end goal in mind.  I think I finally have what I am working towards though. I have set color schemes, chosen a font I would like to work with and have a photography name for myself.  It will take time and lots of work, but I hope that you all shall stick with me as I work on my project!  If the end results turn out anything like the mental image I have in my head, that would be Stupendous! 🙂

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