Oh my baby! :)

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that I love to be around little kids.  They are so full of imagination, filled with curiosity and so super cute, that I don’t see how anyone could not just be head over heels in love with them.  Yes, I will admit, sometimes those cute little stinkers can be a bit of a handful, but in the long run, they add so much more to your life, that all those little trying moments are totally worth it.  After saying all that, little kids are awesome and I love them to pieces, but in my humble opinion, babies top all!   They snuggle close to you, with their head on your heart and just sleep listening to your heartbeat.  One hand may be curled tightly around your finger, (or hair) to make sure you don’t abandon them while they sleep.  They are very dependent on people (mostly the mother) and want to feel secure.  I’m sure even as adults, you can relate.  Everyone wants to feel secure and know someone is there that loves them.  Everyone wants to be able to count on others.  Who, in their right mind wouldn’t?

Anyways, that is just a tidbit of my thoughts on the subject matter of “Babies”.  I could go on and on for hours, if given the time and the energy to do so. However, once more that is beside the point.  Friday, January 3rd was Baby Day for me, which worked out perfect as it was also my half birthday. Not every girl is so lucky to get to spend her half birthday doing what she loves!!  I began my day watching my 5 month old cousin, and ended it holding my “little man” who was sleeping soundly.  For the record, my little man, is the youngest of the clan I babysit.  I watch 6 little kids, from age 13  down to the 5 month old.  Me and their eldest was having “girls night” last night and I got the lucky fortune of getting some baby time in there too! 🙂   So enough chatting, as I’m dead tired and not thinking 100% clearly, and onto photos!!

I would have taken more pictures of my lil man, but it just so happens that the good camera was at home, and he was not happy unless he was being held. I do believe he is cutting some teeth! 🙂